By Mussie Ephrem

EditorialPosted by Admin Feb 11, 2012 23:10:52

Dear readers,

Here you can read EDPs editorial about the political events in Eritrea at least once per month.


Mussie Ephrem

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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by janeair Sep 01, 2015 13:57:55

in retrospect, as time does heal old wounds, one must suffer laughter from foolish moves one has made in one's life.

mine was yohannes misgina, the cabbie from yellow checker cab co- his number is 97 and it is beat to to heck.

before he was exposed as a pathological liar, sociopath and womanizing audulterer, I would ride around in his beat up cab and pick up the fringes of society( the ones he feels most comfortable around)- but on the particular taxi ride - his patron requested he stop at a particular store for cigarettes. as we approached , I noticed his hands began to shake and he gripped the wheel tightly to mask his terror. balls of sweat began to bead up all over his bald head and even dripped off his nose. as we were leaving he jumped a curb, nearly taking the undercarriage of his means of income. all I could think was , "poor thing, he should not be a taxi driver = too dangerous for him and the public, but if you can barely speak English, then your options are a bit limited"- then after being exposed as a married man after 6 months of going under the alias Johannes jeis, I realized his panic was the store was almost next door to where his wife practiced law. no wonder he was in a panic. so funny in retrospect. but do you know he still advertises himself as an attorney when he could never pass the bar- and he does it on his wife's webpage and likenden. and this is whom you have chosen to represent your country. I thought about turning him into the ethics committee, but it would just waste my time. but he is a bad fella. a liar and a scumbag- if he the representative of your country because you all are of that ilk. he once told me every man he knew cheated- so that includes you

Posted by jane air Jun 27, 2015 22:53:51

plus my mistyping meant to state he is in america

Posted by jane air Jun 27, 2015 22:51:18

forgive my typing - what i meant to write was he has placed his wife's law license in jeopardy- i do not think she is strong enough to not let her be used as he does with most.

Posted by jane air Jun 27, 2015 22:45:53

your congressman from Oklahoma, yohanness misgina, and unfortunately are being reviewed by the Oklahoma state bar ethics committee. mr misgina is not only representing himself as an attorney - but also on his wife's as well. and she is one. the ethics frowns apon that. did you not know that mr misgina might have been a judge in the horn, but did not fare well here. hence he either did not graduate with his LLM or failed the bar- or both. but he is false advertising and has now gotten his wife in a storm with the ethics committee. and this is her second run in in less than a year.one should vet your representatives more completely. you can verify by calling the Oklahoma state board, verify he is not an sattorny. then just look up his name. lawyer , Tulsa Oklahoma- and there he is stating he is an attorney- he is not in America and he faces punitive action for fraud. i feel sorry for his wife. i doubt it was her idea. she seems a victim in all this. i am no longer angry with mr misgina, but have grave concerns about his integrity and ability to lead or inspire people. not ones that believe in the causes that you so dearly hold to your heart - if you have any question feel free to call after 5pm cst 918-764-8740

Posted by Beni Jun 02, 2013 20:03:02

III - EDP'S PROGRAM IN DETAIL....are you joking....that is nothig... it is just a chrakterless party program not more not less...

Posted by Tedros Aug 08, 2012 23:26:10

Dear Mussie.Why there is no update on your blog?Thanks